March Explosion: 11 New Restaurants Opened This Month in Bushwick

MARCH IS BARELY OVER, the spring has started only a couple of days ago, yet Bushwick has been extremely busy with renovations, remodelling and tasting. Yes, at least 11 new restaurants have opened this month in our beloved neighborhood.

Before you get into the usual gentrification grumble, we have to note that we appreciate the fact that these are not just plain dive bars but actual lovely places with great concepts that serve original and truly delicious cuisines. Several of these places have been opened by Bushwick’s long-time residents as part of their life-long dreams, and we are truly happy about that.

So indulge yourself in these new flavors, and don’t forget that in the lifespan of a New York restaurant, the first six months are the hardest, so support these guys if you want them to stay in the neighborhood.

Bon Appétit!

 Bushwick Public House

Photo by Raina Rocha for Bushwick Daily

From our review: Opened just 8 weeks ago, as soon as you walk through the doors of Bushwick Public House, you’ll realize you haven’t entered just another Brooklyn coffee shop. This is an Australian-style cafe, mate. There are no single tables here: instead they have long counters and stools, big comfy chairs, a couch, a pool table, and in the middle of it all, a chatty and welcoming Australian barista.

Try: Flat white–it is a drink similar to a cappuccino but with a higher ratio of coffee to milk and a more velvety consistency.


Bushwick Public House

Cool Australian coffee shop and venue on the Myrtle Avenue. Chatty and friendly people with great coffee.

 1288 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 am — 2:00 am

Phone: +1 917-966-8500

Price Range: $

 Fonda Cubana

Photo by Raina Rocha for Bushwick Daily

From our review: While travel from New York to Havana is still a long way off and the trade embargo hasn’t been lifted yet, don’t worry—the Fonda has you covered with Celia Cruz tunes playing in the background and (according to the chef) a secret stash of Cuban olive oil personally delivered by a friend from his farm near Havana.

Try: The Camarones Fonda is served sizzling, with the shrimp poached in a bit of lobster sauce.


Fonda Cubana

Cuban Restaurant with delicious traditional cuban sandwiches. Good value.

 913 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 — 14:00 Sat-Sun: 11:00 — 23:00

Phone: +1 718 417-0272

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