Though Paradise Lounge will keep sailing through October, weather permitting, they do hope to find a brick-and-mortar location by the winter.

Their former bar was an oasis within the confines of city life. Reflective of its “tropical mental attitude,” a shark named Sully hung from the bar, complemented by palm wallpaper and tropical plants. Patrons could often be found sitting at the bar, enjoying a drink while dressed in luau-themed shirts.

After closing in the spring of 2020, the lounge, known for its original Tiki creations and expansive rum list, hosted a series of pop-ups at establishments run by friends around the city, such as Palmetto, a Bushwick bar.

Clipper City makes the proverbial voyage into the sunset.

Then, Paradise Lounge found a new home on Clipper City, the “largest tall ship in New York City.”

“As they say, ‘when one door closes another door opens’—but in our case it was a beautiful boat,” said Austin Hartman, the bar’s owner.

Paradise Lounge hopes to return to Clipper City next season. Hartman remarked, “We are extremely thankful for our time, memories and good vibes at our Ridgewood location. We miss all of our regulars dearly…But at the moment we’re thankful for our new home on the water.”

Paradise Lounge’s staff at their previous brick-and-mortar location on 678 Woodward Ave.

For former regulars wondering about Paradise’s staff, Hartman reports they are doing well. He says that some moved to different Bushwick bars or out of the city altogether, while others can still be found working on Clipper City.

“The most amazing part is seeing some of our regulars on the boat and their shared love for the Ridgewood location.” Hartman said. “Warmed our hearts.”

To support Paradise’s team members and reminisce about the good old days at Paradise Lounge, on Tuesday, Sept. 21, there will be a bar reunion featuring staff of Paradise and other bars that had to close during COVID-19.

Paradise Lounge will be shaking and serving cocktails alongside Donna Cocktail Club, Existing Conditions, Mother of Pearl, The NoMad and more from the rooftop of The Box House Hotel. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

To visit Paradise Lounge on Clipper City, visit for tickets. Also, keep an eye on their Instagram, for special sailing events and discount codes.

All photos courtesy of Austin Hartman of Paradise Lounge.

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