New French & Retro-Inspired Luncheonette La Cantine Comes to Bushwick

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Have you ever wondered what living like a French local felt like? There’s a new spot in Bushwick that might give you a little taste of the that life. La Cantine has landed in Bushwick: Inspired by the neighborhood-oriented luncheonettes of France, owner Ioana Hercberg and Chef Ray Lyons teamed up to bring those same vibes to Brooklyn. 

Hercberg started this journey because she felt like something was missing in the realm of casual quick bites. “I’ve been in living in Bushwick for 10 years and it was hard to find places to have a quick bite that wasn’t a deli or pizza,” Hercberg told Bushwick Daily.

Interior at La Cantine.

As a French native, Hercberg felt like a luncheonette like La Cantine would fulfill that gap with a menu filled with fresh options that hit the spot. 

La Cantine is the type of place you go to because it feels like home. Hercberg has a background in retail management, so the customer experience is always top priority.

“If you are going to spend money somewhere I feel like you need the full experience from the decor, the temperature, and the music,” explained Hercberg.

Sandwich and Iced Coffee at La Cantine.

Hercberg and Lyons take pride in their focus on quality food offerings. “We try to use seasonal products as much as possible. Right now we are working out our fall menu,” Hercberg said.

With a focus on seasonal produce you can expect new items to be rotated into the day-to-day options at La Cantine. There is also a French, Spanish, and American influence present throughout their menu items, so look out for those different cultural twists. 

Exterior at La Cantine.

As far as menu items to look out for, currently the quiche of the day is doing really well, but Hercberg’s personal favorite is the pan con tomate with a chicken cutlet on top. As Hercberg puts it, La Cantine is “Something that’s very low-key and humble food wise, but provides you comfort everyday.”

La Cantine is open everyday except Tuesday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. It’s located at 60 Saint Nicholas Ave off the Jefferson L. Check out their instagram and website for any and all menu updates.

All images courtesy of La Cantine.

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