Brooklyn’s First Barlour, a Boozy 21+ Ice Cream Shop, Is Coming to Williamsburg

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This May the ultimate warm weather treat is landing in Brooklyn with a little twist. Tipsy Scoop will be opening up its first Brooklyn outpost in Williamsburg dishing out everyone’s favorite icy dessert with a boozy twist. Yes, you heard right. Tipsy Scoop will be serving alcohol-infused ice cream with the right amount of kick to put a little pep in your step all summer long.

Melissa Tavss, founder and creator of the famous boozy ice cream joint, gave Bushwick Daily the low down on all things Tipsy Scoop.

The idea to mix booze and ice cream all started five years ago when Tavss was experimenting with her own homemade ice cream recipe. “Sometimes when you are making ice cream at home it’s a little bit icy on the side, and when you add a little bit of alcohol it softens it,” explained Tavss.

Boozy Pints via @DaddysDairy

One day Tavss decided to see if the ice cream could actually hold a substantial alcohol content. Finding success in her experiments, she would create different flavors and use family and friends as taste testers. Soon she started catering some friends’ weddings, and things picked up quickly.

“From there, we started doing wholesale and selling to grocery stores and special food retailers in the city. After about a year of doing that, we opened at our first store on 26th Street in Manhattan in May of 2017,” Tavss said.

Almost immediately, the “Barlour” was met with enthusiasm and large crowds, so Tavss started looking out for a new, bigger location to continue the Tipsy Scoop Saga. Brooklyn was considered quite early on, and that has a little something to do with their eager customers.

Cinco De Mayo sundae, via @lifebysyd

“Our audience was constantly asking us [about a Brooklyn location], so we really were just listening to them,” said Tavss.

Not only is the Brooklyn location going to have more seating, the Barlour plans to expand on the tasty offerings in a special way.

“Our concept [in Brooklyn] is similar— a boozy ice cream shop , but we also also applied for a beer and wine license to be able to do ice cream floats and cocktails. It’s sort of like a soda shop,” explained Tavss.

Along with with more menu offerings, Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn will serve up over 16 boozy flavors with a  5 percent alcohol content per scoop—about as much as a light beer. Look out for the fan favorite Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel and the seasonal special Cinco De Mayo Mango Margarita Sundae. According to Tavss there will be a new seasonal Watermelon Tequila Mint flavor to look forward to as well.

Courtesy of Tipsy Scoop.

“A lot of people haven’t had boozy ice cream before, so it’s fun when they come to the shop and we [figure out] what liquors they like and what ice creams they like and curate the experience that way,” explained Tavss.

The Brooklyn Tipsy Scoop is located on Metropolitan avenue between Driggs avenue and Roebling streets and is set to open this May. In the mean time check out their website and Instagram for more information on the opening.

Cover image courtesy of @lifebysyd.

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