Bushwick Welcomes a New Oil-Free Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar

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If you’ve been paying attention, the rise of plant-based food interest and consumption is unmistakable. From the success of plant-based protein alternatives, like the Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger, to the popularization of the plant-based movement by celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, and the announcement of “Meatless Mondays” across NYC public schools—this food trend is here to stay.

Enter Green Vegan Monsta, one of Bushwick’s newest, completely Vegan eateries. Located right off of the Halsey J, the Green Vegan Monsta opened on February 3 of this year. It’s co-owned by Michelle Ortiz and Jay Perez, who is known by the name Chef Jay. Perez has been practicing veganism for about 20 years, and has been waiting for the right moment to open up a vegan eatery.

“It’s [been] years in the making because not everybody was ready and now veganism is going worldwide and it’s becoming such a big thing, so [I thought] maybe it’s time,” Perez told  Bushwick Daily.

Although new to the Bushwick food arena, the Green Vegan Monsta is already taking root in the heart of customers, and establishing itself as a voice for the vegan food movement.

Vegan Cesar salad at Green Vegan Monsta.

“When you are vegan everything has to be vegan. A lot of restaurants offer you a vegan dish. However, it’s being conducted, and put together, and created in a kitchen that is causing cross contamination. Here it’s 100 percent vegan,” Perez explained.

The food joint boasts 100 percent vegan facilities, so those who seek exclusively vegan food preparation can find their green fix here. All cooking is done oil-free and without frying.

The menu also packs a ferocious punch. Patrons can choose from a wide array of smoothies, and simple but tasty dishes, all made using fresh organic produce. Crowd favorites include the Monsta Protein Shake and the BBQ Chicken Monsta Wrap.

Along with their tasty food offerings, the Green Vegan Monsta stands apart for its community oriented activities within the space. There is a kid’s corner, where children can play and hang out while eating kid friendly vegan options.

“We have a kids menu which caters to making kids more considerate of their futures. We offer vegan chicken nuggets and we offer vegan pizza, which is made from cashew cheeses,” said Perez.

The GM 1470 event space at Green Vegan Monsta.

Their adjacent event space, The GM 1470, is housed within the Green Vegan Monsta and is where the owners host community gatherings. People are welcome to host parties and musicians occasionally perform there too. The Green Vegan Monsta has plans of expanding The GM 1470’s event offerings.

“We are going to have a movie night, karaoke night, and we are also going to have speed dating,” said Perez.

As for the success and receptiveness of the cafe, Perez explained, “the community is happy and thrilled that a healthy option is now available.”

If you want to see what the Green Vegan Monsta has to offer check them out on  Instagram or order through Uber Eats.

The Green Vegan Monsta

 1470 BroadwayBrooklyn, NY 11221 (off the   Halsey stop in the J train)


 + 1 718 513-0382

 Monday-Sunday: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

All photos courtesy of Green Vegan Monsta.

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