In lieu of the new Chipotle opening in the historic Fat Albert building off of the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle and the J/M/Z trains, we’ve put together a few neighborhood favorites to support instead!

1. Newyorktitlan

Sopes at Newyorktitlan, photo courtesy of Irina Groushevaia.

Julio Cuellar Jimenez used to take out the garbage for Chef Wiley Dufresne, the gastronomy wizard behind WD-50 and Alder, but now he owns his own breakfast spot in Bushwick. 

Chef Jimenez focuses on Mexican classics with a twist and has a secret pancake menu, that rotates throughout the week. The pancakes come in bold flavors, like beetroot and green plantain, alongside the most exciting garnishes, like puffed matcha rice and whipped cream cheese. The chef was inspired by Chef Dufresne techniques and experimental flavors, and started incorporating his childhood favorites into modern Mexican fare.

Newyorktitlan is off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L/M trains at 1525 Gates Ave.

2. La Lupe Cantina

Photo courtesy of @dstyketw.

La Lupe Cantina won Bushwick’s Best Tacos in 2017!

The owner, Karla Munoz, is more than excited to hold that title and to bring the community her food and positive vibes.

“The most important thing about running this beautiful business are my employees and the fact that my family are a huge part of the business operations. La Lupe is my mother’s name and I am trying to make her proud and represent her the best I can,” Karla told Bushwick Daily.

La Lupe Cantina is at 9 Jefferson St., off the Myrtle-Broadway J/M/Z stop.

3. Guadalupana Bakery

Image courtesy of @najellyj

This little bakery was founded 22 years ago. The family, originally from a small town in Puebla, boasts pan dulce, tres leches cakes, Mexican sweet breads and other traditional baked goods, all made fresh daily.

The small shop takes on more festive traditions during Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. They serve colorful sugar skulls and pan de muerto.

Guadalupana Bakery is at 308 Ellery St., off the J/M trains at Flushing Ave.

4. Regalo De Juquila

Image courtesy of @nori_rolls.

This small, no-frills Mexican joint is a neighborhood favorite for late night eats. Open everyday from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m., this is the perfect spot to grab tacos for two bucks a pop. They offer classic, traditional fare, and big hits amongst the locals are the tacos, burritos, and horchata. Everyone is also a big fan of the free chips and salsa served alongside with any meal.

Regalo de Juquila is at 1209 Myrtle Ave., off the J/M/Z Myrtle-Broadway stop.

5. Taqueria Oaxaqueños

Photo courtesy of Alex Stephens.

This little Bushwick gem is not on Google Maps. Larger than a stand, but smaller than a truck, this taqueria is housed on the corner of one of the Sea Town market buildings and is easy to miss among all the larger shops and restaurants popping up in the area.

It doesn’t have an address, but you can easily locate it by going to the northwest corner of Irving and Linden Avenues and looking for the colorfully painted menu on the façade. You’ll also see Marie, the owner and one woman show, working hard behind the tiny window, serving up to 200 tamales a day.

Taqueria Oaxaquenos is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be found off the Myrtle-Wyckoff M/L stop.

* Editor’s note: we’ve been informed that Marie has left the mentioned location.  She is on the move in the neighborhood and her cart location can be found by calling her at 347-752-4024.

6. Bushwick Taco Co.

Courtesy of Bushwick Taco Co.

Bushwick Taco Co. is a Frida Kahlo inspired Mexican joint serving up some traditional fare with a modern twist. They will add a fried egg to your steak burrito, make the coziest bowl of pozolle de pollo with tomato chicken broth and homony, and won’t skimp on fillings for vegetarian rice bowls. This spot also has a lot of vegan options!

They also offer some of the neighborhood’s best churros, made fresh on premises with decadent Abuelita chocolate sauce, that go well with their cinnamon horchata.

Find them at 839 Knickerbocker Ave., off the Halsey L stop.

Cover image courtesy of Alex Stephens.

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