Angely Mercado

Films, panels, popup shops to local eateries were on display at 99 Scott Avenue for Happy Family Night Market on July 14.

The food centric event was put together for attendees to enjoy and learn about the diversity found in Asian cultures, and in the continent’s cuisine and how it connected to Asian American identity. 

It started off with a panel on pickling and Asian American fermentation that brought together business owners, chefs and scientists. Afterwards they gave out samples of fermented vegetables and natto, a slimy fermented soybean that’s eaten mainly eaten in Japan. 

Panel and food. Photo courtesy of Alejandra O’Connell Domenech for Bushwick Daily

Ann Yonetani, a panelist and the brains behind NYrture which is a company that makes different varies of natto, said she was excited to see how many people were willing to try the fermented foods that are usually considered an acquired taste. 

“It was great to see how many people came so early, even before all of the food stalls were set up,” said Yonetani. 

Local restaurants including While in Kathmandu and Bunker had stalls set up at the event. While in Kathmandu was selling a new plantain inspired momo, an option that isn’t on their restaurant menu yet. Bunker on the other hand served satisfying duck spring rolls with noodles, thinly sliced duck and a dipping sauce.

There was a slew of unique combinations. Dotory, a Korean restaurant in Williamsburg wowed attendees with their kimchi corn dogs with rice cakes in gochujang. 

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Photos courtesy of Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech

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