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Happy Family Night Market, an event that celebrates Asian heritage and food will be held tomorrow in East Williamsburg. 

There are going to be four panels, karaoke singing into the night, and over 10 different food and art vendors. They include a few local favorites like Bunker, a Vietnamese restaurant, While in Kathmandu, a Nepalese eatery and Dotory a Korean restaurant. 

Phoebe Tran, the co-founder of the night market said that this has been in the works for months and that the even is more than just stuffing your face, though that will be part of the experience. 

“It’s so important to pause and think about how we’re using food to talk about things that are difficult to talk about and we want to tell the story behind specific chefs,” said Tran. 

She also wants to use the event to introduce visitors to chefs that don’t have brick and mortar stores and to also have conversations about how food, culture and history intersect. 

“The panels themselves, if you look at the topics… we are touching on the historical colonization of Indian American cuisine, the co-opting of ingredients like turmeric and about reclaiming that,” she said. 

The market is tomorrow from 1:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday morning at 99 Scott Ave. and tickets are sold here on their site. Here’s their schedule. It’s jam packed with all things educational and food filled. Make a day (or night) of it. 

Cover photo courtesy of Happy Family Market

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