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While this past week hasn’t been exactly hot, at long last it seems like mother nature is done torturing us and that temperatures are on a steady upward trend. Next week’s forecast shows that the mercury won’t drop below the mid-60s (though there will be rain).

Now that freak cold snaps and very-late-season snowstorms are well and truly behind us, that means one thing — restaurants will be opening their patios!

We all love a good bit of al fresco wining and dining. Brunch in the warm spring sunshine, dinner as the sun sets, drinks in the cool comfort of a summer night. All the pros of dining out but with the added bonus of a breeze in your hair while you do it. What’s not to like?

Luckily for all of us, Bushwick has no shortage of quality restaurants and bars with outdoor space. But we want to know… of all of these, which has the best outdoor space.

Last year, Left Hand Path took home the Best of Bushwick: Patio title. The beer-focused bar — which also serves cocktails, wine, and snacks — won thanks to their cozy, intimate back patio, ideal for romantic evening getaways with that somebody special. Will they be the first spot to reclaim their Best of Bushwick crown for a second year running?

A quick quantifier: when we say “patio,” we mean a few different things. Literal patios, of course, but also sidewalk seating, yards, roof decks, or any other outdoor space where patrons are allowed to eat and drink.

Note that we’re looking explicitly for roof-free outdoor spaces — this means that your favorite spot with floor-to-ceiling fold open windows doesn’t make the cut this time (though they do offer their own pleasures).

Other than that, pretty much anything goes. All categories of drinking and dining establishments are fair game, as are patios of all shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

So, Bushwick — who has the best patio in all of Bushwick, East Williamsburg, and Ridgewood? Show your nomination to a seat in the comment section out back.

Nominations will close on Thursday, May 17 at 11:59 pm.

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Photo by Daniel von Appen