Poll: Vote for the Best Bakery in Bushwick 2018

Andrew Tobia

Food & Drink Editor
[email protected]

For many people, such as myself, bakeries are a lot like heaven. After all, is anything better than a flaky, buttery pastry fresh out of the oven? Or a good crusty loaf of sourdough bread that spews steam when you tear it open? Or a seven-layer chocolate cake? Or cookies for days? Or a box of macarons when you’re feeling fancy and luxurious?

We thought Bushwick’s bakeries deserved a little love, so last week we put out a call for your nominations for Best of Bushwick 2018: Bakeries. You all nominated some solid contenders, including all-vegan bakery Brooklyn Whiskers and Catania, which is deep in Ridgewood.

We at Bushwick Daily have journalistic independence and integrity. We value that about ourselves, and we take it seriously. That is why that we never have nor will accept any sort of payment or bribe in exchange for a nomination or for votes. All Best of Bushwick nominations and votes are reader-generated.

Naturally, we can’t stop nominated businesses from bragging about it, or from urging their customers to vote for them. In fact, we encourage exactly that.

Fancy computational algorithms and plain old non-fancy eyeballs oversee every Best of Bushwick poll to make sure none of the voting is malicious, suspicious, or fraudulent.

So, BDers — use the link below to vote below for your favorite bakery for Best of Bushwick 2018!

Vote here!

Voting will end at 11:59 pm on Thursday, May 3.

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Photo by Greta Punch

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