Evan Haddad


Roberta’s is throwing a launch party this week for a new Pizzagate beer.

The pizzeria teamed up with Queens-based brewers LIC Beer Project for the new Pizzagate pale ale, which will make its debut at Roberta’s tiki tent this Friday. 

With the exception of the name, the brew and the Pizzagate scandal of 2016 that ensnared Roberta’s in a web of controversy and macabre allegations have absolutely nothing to do with each other: Pizzagate is just a beer with 5.5% ABV. But hey — that’s capitalism, ain’t it?

In case you’ve forgotten — because you couldn’t not know — Pizzagate was a fake news story about an alleged child-sex ring that Bill and Hilary Clinton ran out of a pizzeria in Washington D.C. Conspiracy theorists took the story even further, alleging that the Clintons loved Roberta’s pizza so much, that they brought the famed pizzeria in on the scheme; and coupled with the “aborters” anagram made from Roberta’s name, the scandal became a self-propagating entity of bullshit. It was swiftly debunked by various credible authorities, such as the D.C. police department.

Roberta’s weathered the storm in the way that only a pizzeria with famous clientele, an A-grade for cleanliness, and an even cleaner conscience could. Although some commenters on the Roberta’s Instagram page still claim that Pizzagate “is real” and this brew is “not funny,” we have to give Roberta’s credit for firing back and finding another way to stand out from the crowd. 

So, come Friday, hit up the tiki tent for some Pizzagate!

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Cover image courtesy of Roberta’s