Evan Haddad


Let’s play a food game.

Which of these ingredients are just made-up words: duck katsuobushi, sunchoke, Challerhocker, maitake agnolotti, or straykittensticks?

With the exception of the last one, those ingredients are all real, and you can taste them in dishes at Michael Patlazhan’s latest pop-up restaurant at Idlewild from March 2-3. 

We wrote about Patlazhan back in 2015 when he did a pop-up restaurant at AP Cafe. The potato-skin ice cream and buttermilk dots dipped in liquid nitrogen really impressed us. Check out these pics:

Patlazhan grew up in Russia, where he “was taught that the most helpful thing a man can do in the kitchen is… get out.” Family pressured him to get a lucrative job that would provide for a family—which Patlazhan did by working in accounting. But he felt it wasn’t his true passion.

“Then, one day, I picked up a knife and a pan and have not dropped them since,” Patlazhan said.

Check out the menu here. Dinner service will run from 6:30-11 p.m at Idlewild, 24 St. Nicholas Ave.

All photos courtesy of Michael Patlazhan