Terra Firma, Winner of Best Bushwick Brunch, Has Shut Down

Evan Haddad


A staple of neighborhood brunch and good times has closed permanently.

Terra Firma, winner of our Best of Bushwick: Brunch, announced on Feb. 1 via Facebook that it had shut down. 

“If you are wondering why we are closed, the only real reason is that we have decided to move on to other endeavors and invest our energy into other projects. Running a venue like this is a 7 day a week job and we wish to do some other things with our days. Thats all, its just time for us to do something else.”

The restaurant opened in 2015 inside what once was Brooklyn Fire Proof East Cafe at 119 Ingraham St. in East Williamsburg. Terra Firma’s owners, Darrin Morda and Tom Beaulieu, felt particularly drawn to the aesthetic of the neighborhood after moving to Bed-Stuy from Boston.

One curious Facebook commenter asked whether the duo was headed back to Massachusetts after the close.

“No not Boston,” Terra Firma wrote. “Something new. But we will have more time and the ability to visit old friends again.”

Here’s a look at some of the scrumptious eats that will surely be missed.

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