The Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival Happens on Saturday!

Evan Haddad


How about some fire water to warm up from that winter chill?

The annual Best of Brooklyn Food & Beer Festival is taking place on Saturday from 12-8 p.m. at Industry City in Sunset Park, and there will be tons of local craft beers and great food to sample.

Ticket prices go from $19-139, depending on how deep you want to go into the boozing. The “designated driver” pass for $19 buys you all-day entry into the venue and not much more. The “full spread” for $139 gets you unlimited VIP sampling from start to finish. 

Somewhere in the middle is the “drink up” $39 pass, which gets you unlimited tastings from 12:30-2:30 p.m. and your own souvenir glass. 

There will also be food from some of the best Brooklyn chefs and curated DJs (of course) who will be spinning along with you.

We know that Sunset Park is a bit far from Bushwick. And we know that finding Industry City’s 220 36th St. address is intimidating because know the R or N train —  which you need to get there — will be a huge pain in the ass to find. Here’s what we would have to do if we were going:

But if you decide to make the trek, Braven Brewing, Greenpoint Beer & Ale, Five Boroughs Brewing Co, War Flag, Brooklyn Brewery, Kombrewcha, Kelso and more will be waiting for you. Baby, it’s cold outside; but the R train is always warm!

Cover image courtesy of Will Stewart on Unsplash

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