Best of Bushwick Returns for Its Second Year: Nominations for Best Chicken Wings Start Now!

Andrew Tobia

Food and Drink Editor

Last year, Bushwick Daily inaugurated our Best of Bushwick series. All 2017 long we took your nominations and votes for the best foods, restaurants, bars, and culture spots in the Bushwick-East Williamsburg-Ridgewood area.

It was a successful experiment and we all —  Bushwick Daily staff and readers alike —  loved it. So we’ve decided to continue it this year.

Successful though it was, it wasn’t perfect. We’ve heard your feedback over the past 12 months and will be incorporating much of it into Best of Bushwick 2018. We’ll keep your favorite categories — any neighborhood Best Of list is incomplete without brunch or pizza — and skip the ones you liked less in favor of new ones, among other tweaks.

Nominations for the first Best of Bushwick 2018 category start right this second! And that category is… wings! In 2017, you voted Clara’s as Bushwick’s best wings, so they are automatically nominated for 2018.

Jump into the comments below and throw your favorite wings spot into the running!

After all, the opinion of many is often more valuable than that of even the most refined critic, and nobody knows a neighborhood’s best spots better than the people who live, work, eat, and drink there every day.

Hit up this Best of Bushwick 2017 Compendium to refresh yourself on last year’s categories and winners.

Cover photo by Brian Chan

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