A Vegan Pop-Up Now Occupies One of the Most Carnivorous Spaces in Bushwick

Evan Haddad


A vegan pop-up can now be found where one of the most carnivorous restaurants in Bushwick used to be. 

While Millie’s Cuban Cafe is closed for the winter, Sol Sips Vegan Bevs and Bites will keep the space warm at 203 Wilson Ave., serving up $12 nut milks, jackfruit paninis, avocado mushroom melts, and so much more.

For three months, Sol Sips will occupy the location of the former Cuban restaurant. The vegan cafe will feature work from local artists and hold events such as gluten-free Midnight Brunch on Friday nights.

Millie’s, which is run by Danny Teran, the self-proclaimed “Wolf of Wilson,” should reopen in spring 2018, according to Sol Sips. The Cuban cafe is known for its meaty sandwiches and hearty fare. So for all you Millie’s fans out there, stay tuned for an update.

But for now, we’re calling it revenge of the avocado. 


Cover image courtesy of Sol Sips

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