VIDEO: Some Stressed-Out Motorcyclists Come to Brooklyn Kava for Comfort

Evgenia Vlasova


Mason Mercer


If you regularly walk by Brooklyn Kava, you may have noticed the motorcycles that are always parked out front. 

That’s because kava, a root-based drink that has relaxing effects, is the preferred drink of an unlikely group: Bushwick bikers.

It may seem contrary to the stereotype of bikers as hard-driving and swill-guzzling characters, but the peaceful setting of Brooklyn Kava has become a favorite meeting spot for many motorcyclists in the area. Compared to the high-intensity and stress of local bars, local bikers are choosing the more subdued atmosphere associated with kava.

The bikers we interviewed found they can foster relationships and invite positive emotions more freely when using kava. Once the experience is complete, the bikers are able to ride immediately, because there is no intoxication involved.

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