Jacque Medina


Earlier this year, we published a round up of all the amazing hot sauce makers and distributors in the neighborhood. We’d like to make Bushwick Sauce Company (BSC) a formal addition to the list. 

The newly-launched company is run by Bushwick resident Irma Sierra and her partner, Adam Brawerman. They grow their own vegetables in rooftop gardens and source all of their ingredients from farms in New York. They even handmake all of their sauces and jams in a local commercial kitchen. 

When our homegrown peppers got moved to the rooftop in May 2017 #bushwicksauce #hotsauce

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BSC’s unique flavors will include spicy combinations like scorpion pepper purple carrot and jalepeno cilantro lime as well as sweet spreads like apple butter and strawberry jam.

“We grow the hot peppers in our gardens and source the rest from local farms,” said Brawerman. “All of our products are made in small batches, which provides us greater control over their flavor and quality. We are also committed to using only natural ingredients, and we never use artificial preservatives or fillers.”

Of course, no new company gets off the ground without adequate funding; on August 15, BSC will launch a Kickstarter campaign to help raise $5,000 to launch their online store, and to help get their first shipment of sauces out to the masses. Check out the donation link here and keep an eye out for updates. 

Additionally, Bushwick Hot Sauce Company plans to donate five percent of its profits to City Harvest, a charity that helps feed the hungry in New York. 

You can check out BSC’s website and kickstarter page here, as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.