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Following the news of the long-awaited opening of Molly’s Milk Truck, the neighborhood’s ice cream blessings just keep rolling in. Cardinal Sin Ice Cream, a pop-up operating out of Owl Juice Pub, will open this Friday, May 12. 

Although she has lived in Bushwick for almost two years, Elise Ridley, the one-woman show running the pop-up, says her handmade scoops were inspired by her Southern upbringing. “Cardinal Sin has a double meaning,” she said. “I’m from Virginia where the state bird is the cardinal, but I think I went through all seven of the cardinal sins in the process of starting this up. My flavors are all inspired by specific memories I have about growing up in Virginia.” 

Ridley also added that Cardinal Sin will be offering vegan-friendly options in addition to her original organic flavors like Salt’d Caramel, Avocado Mint Chocolate and Spicy Chocolate. “Our vegan ice creams have passed the non-vegan taste test,” she continued. “Everything is handmade. We make traditional, custard-style (with eggs), hard-pack ice cream. While not the focal point, we are very vegan friendly. All ingredients used in production are organic where possible. At the very least, we make sure they come from happy animals and plants.”

However, if you’re looking for tons of toppings for your organic cone, you might have to looks elsewhere; Ridley promises Cardinal Sin will be a “minimalist experience” for her customers. “No sprinkles or gummy bears here,” she said. “I want my flavor profiles to really shine through and speak for themselves.” 

We’re so excited to have another great ice cream shop in the neighborhood, especially when it’s partnered with another great local biz. Pop by Owl Juice Pub at 48 Wyckoff Ave. this Friday for your chance to sample Cardinal Sin Ice Cream’s Southern-inspired flavors, and follow Cardinal Sin on Instagram for updates on new flavors!  


Cardinal Sin Ice Cream at Owl Juice Pub

Pop-up ice cream shop operating in the familiar confines of Bushwick’s juice bar.

 48 Wyckoff Ave. (Jefferson L)

 Mon-Fri: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Sat-Sun: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Follow Cardinal Sin Ice Cream on Instagram.

Featured images courtesy of Cardinal Sin Ice Cream’s Instagram page.