5 Places in Bushwick to Celebrate France’s Victory Over Fascism

Megan Burns


Macron defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s second round of the French presidential election. Whether or not you’re a Macron fan, or even French at all, it’s a fact that many people felt like the win was a symbolic victory for freedom; if you fall into the category of a human who’s pleased with the results, here are a few French spots in Bushwick to grab some celebratory fare this week and beyond:

1524 Myrtle Ave.

Photo courtesy of L’imprimerie

If you find yourself craving a croissant between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., most definitely swing by this French boulangerie to take advantage of their huge selection of baked goods, all of which are made in small batches throughout the day. It’s been voted as having the BEST chocolate croissant in all of NYC, and it’s right here in our backyard. Read our full scoop on the spot here, and go forth and carb it up, mes amis!

 Le Garage
157 Suydam St.

Photo courtesy of Le Garage.

Let me just start by saying POTATOES IN DUCK FAT. Need I convince you further that Le Garage is a magical place? They’ve got everything from small plates to an organic chicken for two, so come minimally hungry or maximally hungry and leave feeling just right. (And as someone who very much rejects green juice but wholly embraces green chartreuse, might I suggest the Marie Curie cocktail? Okay great.) 

 Ange Noir
247 Varet St.

Photo courtesy of Ange Noir.

Maybe you want to be productively caffeinated in your nod to the French, in which case you should head to my all-time favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Ange Noir! Owners Anguy and Vanessa (from France for ultimate authenticity) are just about the nicest proprietors you’ve ever met, and in addition to a good cup of coffee, you can fill up on a variety of food menu options which include vegan and gluten free selections. You’re also pretty much guaranteed to find a seat and a power outlet, so bring along your laptop and VIVE LE FREE WIFI!

 Hell Phone
247 Varet St.

Photo courtesy of Hell Phone.

You may be going, “Wait, wasn’t I just at 247 Varet St.?” Yes, you were, but THIS IS DIFFERENT! Connected to Ange Noir by way of a red telephone booth, Hell Phone is the French speakeasy of your dreams; it’s got sweet and savory crepes, cocktails and ambiance that are all perfect for a post-work salute to France. Head here and take a load off after you finish your coffee next door.

221 Knickerbocker Ave.

Photo courtesy of Mominette.

I love Mominette more than words can express, though that may have something to do with my slightly unhealthy addiction to moules, escargot and $1 oysters. (My autobiography will probably be called “FOR WHOM THE SHELL TOLLS: The Megan Burns Story.”) Even if those menu items aren’t your jam, though, they make bomb steak frites and coq au vin on the mammal side of things. You can also stick to the obligatory charcuterie and cheese plates, or just knock back a few absinthe cocktails. We’re celebrating, after all, so YOU DO YOU.

Featured image courtesy of Mominette.

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