Brielle Schiavone 


Here’s one way to celebrate 4/20 – Glendale-based chef Leighton Knowles is throwing a Prohibition-style dinner this Thursday where guests will enjoy a 100% legal three-course fixed meal infused with cannabidiol oil (CBD). In true Prohibition style, the secret dining location will be revealed on the day prior to those attending, but it is confirmed the pop-up dinner will take place in Bushwick.

Chef Leighton Knowles has partnered with Mathew Kipp MileHigh PMP CannaConsulting and Crucial Biology to present the evening of “tasting and talking cannabis,” which they call “Prohibition: 4/20 Secret Dinner Event.”

Cannabidiol oil is a low psychoactive cannabis component, meaning it contains no THC, so you can’t technically get high from the infused offerings, but CBD contains many significant health benefits. Found throughout the seeds, stalk and flowers of cannabis plants, the natural compounds contain antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, which have been proven to lessen pain, anxiety and even epileptic seizures.

Knowles further explained to QNS, “With CBD, it makes you feel better. It gets rid of your aches and pains. You don’t get the psychoactive effect, which is what people don’t understand about it. It can also enhance the flavors of dishes.”

“I’ve always wanted to do an event myself to bring the information on CBD to people,” Knowles added. “A lot of people don’t understand what it is. This isn’t an event where you will get high, you will leave feeling full and relaxed.”

There you have it, Bushwick! Enjoy your 4/20 in style, with plenty of infused gourmet eats—for one night only. A story for the grandkids. 

Featured image by Katherine Hitt under Creative Commons License.