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Happy Tuesday, taco-loving readers! If you’re looking for a spicy distraction from the winter storm, I’m here to warm your soul with a profile of what I can honestly say is one of my favorite taco spots in Bushwick. 

Taqueria Sofia is nestled behind Brooklyn Kava on Suydam Street between Wilson and Central avenues. The storefront is small, and the joint itself only has four tables, but it exudes unassuming charm of a place you just know serves up some succulent taco realness.

Though Taqueria Sofia’s taco menu comes with a long list of flavor options like pollo, al pastor, bistec, etc., I usually order carnitas with extra lime and extra tomatillo salsa. They have a red salsa as well, but it’s really spicy so I have to be feeling super zesty to enjoy that kind of heat.

Everything is made to order and OH MAN does it smell amazing. Generally, by the time I get my food on (served on paper plates and wrapped in tin foil, like god intended), I am shivering with anticipation

The taqueria is family owned and operated, named after Doña Sofia, the mastermind behind the shop’s extensive menu, which is filled with Mexican staples like flautas, tamales, mole poblano and of course, those scrumptious, scrumptious tacos.

Additionally, the restaurant is a neighborhood Seamless celebrity, boasting a nearly 5-star review average with Yelp creds to match. Taqueria Sofia also has a catering service, so next time you want to throw a watch party for your favorite Bravo show, or just want to eat 500 tacos by yourself (hey, no judgement), give Taqueria Sofia a call!


Taqueria Sofia

Small taqueria with limited seating and an expansive menu.

 187 Suydam St. (Dekalb L or Central M)


 Sun-Thu: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
     Fri-Sat: 10:00 am – 1:00 am

 (718) 386-4464

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Featured image courtesy of Jacque Medina for Bushwick Daily, embedded image from Yelp.