Jacque Medina


The time has come, bagel lovers! Last week we posted a poll for you to vote for your favorite bagel spot in the neighborhood, and a very enthusiastic 759 of you humored us with your votes. 

The results are in and the best bagel spot in Bushwick is: Los Primos Grocery, the bodega powerhouse on Troutman Street and Central Avenue. 

This is why I love reader-powered polls; where else would I learn where to find the most scrumptious toasted bagel with cream cheese for only ONE DOLLAR?!

Los Primos is great because it’s pretty much the city’s most friendly bodega with great food to match. In addition to selling exquisite bagel sandwiches and other hangover-curing food items, Los Primos is a family-owned business with an endearing staff and convenience like no other. A jewel in Central Avenue’s crown. 

For marvelous, cost-effective bagels and lovely people, visit Los Primos Grocery!


Los Primos Grocery

Small bodega featuring delicious bagels and other essentials.

 105 Central Ave (Morgan L)

 Mon-Sun: 6:00 am – 12:00 am

 (718) 366-2523

All images by Jacque Medina for Bushwick Daily.