Seeing a new release movie at a highly discounted price in a comfy theater in Brooklyn? Am I making this shit up? No! The much-needed Williamsburg Cinemas has opened to rave reviews, both from wallets and movie-goers.  …And although we’ll always love NightHawk, this is an actual movie theater, meaning your film of choice isn’t going to sell out a day ahead of time.

Image Courtesy of Williamsburg Cinemas

The theater shows a classy variety of new releases at a mere $11 a ticket. But wait, it gets better- for “older releases” (read: they have been playing at the theater for 2+ weeks)- ticket prices are only $8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays,  only $8 on M/W/F before 5 pm, and $8 on Sat before 2 pm. BOOYAH! Your New Years Resolution to see more movies is getting easier all the time.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Lynch