Bushwick ZOO Photo Essay

Bushwick let its freak flag fly this past weekend. The Bushwick Zoo AKA Bushwick’s Fashion Weekend, it allowed the chance for Keyboard Sunshades, Lego/KNEX Corsets, and local designers to congregate in the same space.

Organized by Nyssa Frank of The Living Gallery, it was a sort of response to Manhattan’s own festivities earlier in the month. Much like the BYO Art Show shortly after Hennessy Youngman’s It’sa small, small world. Essentially stating that Bushwick should and could have its own version of these mega-events.

Jazzabelss Boutique was there with lightning bolt earrings, Wizard Skull set up a magnet set, and someone created an interesting electronic piece that glowed green. An afterparty at Secret Project Robot featured Frank’s band CUM BLOOD. Which sounds like what one imagines Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic wanted In Utero to sound like.

The Zoo included a parade down Flushing from the Morgan Stop, into Maria Hernandez Park, and culminating at The Living Gallery. Animal costumes and accessories abounded. So did photos and video, Peter Dressel of Bushwick Daily waded into the waters to see what kind of animals he could find at the Bushwick Zoo:

















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