Hey there, I’m Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P., (Self-Proclaimed). I have been given the privilege of being the advice columnist for Bushwick Daily and it’s an honor for me to serve you. Please email me at: [email protected] Send me your questions, dilemmas, even your own advice that you want to share and I will post responses to your questions and issues right here on this site. And if you’d like to come in and see me in person please do! I have drop-in speed therapy hours at 56 Bogart Street @ Agape #1Q, Monday, 6pm – 9pm, so just come on by! It’s free, plus you get a written “prescription” from me. I will be taking some of your issues from these sessions and posting them in this column as well.

Dr. Lisa in action performing psychotherapy for artists at Grace Space.

More about me—or just skip to the Q&A part!

I’m an artist, performer and self-proclaimed psychotherapist who’s been practicing psychotherapy for over 10 years on stage and off. I’ve been in many types of therapy myself starting from college, including individual, group, couples, and even as an in-patient in a study on depression. I know how it is to be a working creative person because the work I do vocationally and avocationally crosses over to so many fields. Besides all that, I understand the challenges of having relationships while you are working at a day job while trying to do your art. Here’s more info about me here.

Since it’s my first week and I don’t have any official questions yet, here’s one I’m asking myself.

Q. I live in Bushwick and I’m pursuing an art career. The problem is there is so much to do here, openings, parties, bands, general hanging out, and I don’t know how to get work done, while still feeling I’m not missing anything. Plus, I feel like being out and meeting new people is good for my art career. How can I be productive and still not miss anything?

—Overbooked Dr. Lisa

A. —Dear Overbooked,

I think you’re problem is bigger than just balancing your life/work party. I think you’ve always felt this way. Maybe it’s because you’re parents didn’t join a synagogue in your Jewish neighborhood and you were left out of all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations when you were 13, including Richard Tanenbaum’s Bar Mitzvah, which your friends tried to not have you even know about. No matter how much outside of work activity you have now, it will never be enough to make up for not being invited to Richard Tanenbaum’s bar mitzvah.

—Dr. Lisa

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