By Alexandra Uzik



Bushwick-New Jersey-Bushwick


About: Julia works in New Jersey but because she loves to live in Bushwick she decided to commute every day. She lives in a house with a garden and three cats.

Fashion:  Her expressive hat is a good conversation starter.

Favorite thing about Bushwick: The mixture of all kinds of people – new and old. 


Better not to wear any

About: Sean is a musician. On Sundays he plays Gospel music with his brother to pay the bills and during the week he works on his own  music projects.

Fashion: The explanation why Sean doesn’t wear T-shirts in the summer is simple. He rides a bike and he doesn’t want to soak his T-shirts in sweat. [Very practical, Sean…]



Der Kuss Leggings

About: Kirsti had lived in Bushwick, but then she moved to Astoria only to be able to now move back to Bushwick. This opera singer can also be found bartending in Williamsburg.


Fashion: Kirsti is wearing her favorite item of clothing – epic leggings from Black Milk.

Ask her: She has a very good knowledge of where to go for a drink.




About: Fabiana moved to Brooklyn a few years ago from Miami. She speaks Spanish, Portuguese and little bit of Japanese.

Fashion: Handmade turban by Funk+Grace [You will hear definitely hear more about Funk+Grace soon!]