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It may feel still feel like summer outside, but the retail industry’s countdown to the holidays is in full force.

Pumpkin-spice everything has been unleashed upon the world and is permeating the marketplace in the forms of lattes, facials, chewing gum, and even Pringles. Before you know it, there will be Christmas music playing in the background as retailers begin their descent deep into the depths of our wallets.

As a kid, ushering in the holidays was something to look forward to because it didn’t represent waiting in long lines or blowing your entire paycheck on gifts. It was such an exciting time that we would actually count down the days until Christmas.

You may recall or have even owned an advent calendar as a child. These calendars were a tangible way for children to countdown the days leading up until Christmas. As you marked each day off the calendar, there was tiny treat hidden behind a little cardboard window, typically in the form of chocolate. It was a daily taste of the sweetness we were in store for on Christmas Day.

This year to kick off the holiday countdown with a bit of nostalgia along with a Brooklyn vibe, check out these updated advent calendars strictly for adults and get ready to mark the days off in the fashion that suits you best!

 The World’s First Wine Advent Calendar

Stop whining and start winning with Vinebox, the world’s first wine advent calendar featuring a selection of world class wines. You’ll receive a different glass of wine for 12 nights. This calendar sold out in the blink of an eye last year so order yours today. Pre-order now, shipping begins Nov. 1.

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 Beef Jerky for the Win

For the beef jerky connoisseur in your life, look no further than Man Crates whose mission is to put the adventure back into the advent season with 25 days of exotic meats from alligator to wild boar. This calendar was such a hit last year they created two different versions for this season.

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 Get Pampered and Groomed

Online fashion retailer Asos wants to pamper the ladies and groom the gents with these exclusive beauty boxes jam packed with 25 days of hair and skin care products. Product junkies rejoice!

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 Your Beard will Rival Santa’s with 24 Days of Beard Oil

Get your beard into the holiday action with a variety of scented beard oil for every day leading up to Christmas. Santa never had it so good!

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 Get in the Spirit with Actual Spirits

Ditch the chocolate and pick your poison with boozy advent calendars courtesy of Drinks by the Dram. For years, these calendars were only available overseas but now we can finally get in on the holiday action. There are dedicated calendars of rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, vodka and cognac. Want a mix of booze? Try the custom make-your-own advent calendar.

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Let the countdown begin!