We here at Bushwick Daily are huge fans of Better Than Jam, a hand-made clothing, craft and jewelry store on 123 Knickerbocker in The Loom. The store has been opened for the past five years, and has been inspiration for Bushwick during New York Fashion Week, in ways to shop ethically and of course, to support local.

Better Than Jam

However, as of Sunday, September 20th it will be shutting its doors… but fret not! This isn’t a closure, this is a relocation. Their lease was up and another opportunity came up elsewhere, likely focusing less on being a store and more on studio space and workshops. There will still be a little shopping area from what we understand, with a projected opening date of November 1st, which is good, because it’s just in time for the holidays and they usually make it on our fun and affordable gift list.

Stay tuned for updates and what’s more to come, and in the meantime be sure to go shop there because they are having a massive moving sale!