Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

Love is magical. It makes us do crazy things… like go to a Bushwick Botanica and buy various things that will definitely make someone fall for us us!!

Just kidding guys–I don’t do spells on people all the time, but when I do, I make sure the materials come from a good place. I went to my favorite Botanica San Miguel at 879 Broadway in Bushwick to see which products would be best to spruce up this Valentine’s Day. In the past I’ve bought incense and floor wash from them and they definitely had a good vibe, especially because Miguel who runs the store is very nice and helpful. But you can go to any botanica close to you and buy the following necessary items of the weekend of love:

#1 Floor wash, $4: Cleanse your home for love

Anytime you invite someone into your home, it’s important that the space is cleansed, both literally and spiritually. So let’s start with the basics. Get some of this floor wash to do a deep clean and prepare your surroundings for seduction.

All photos by Dallas Athent for Bushwick Daily

#2 Pink and red candles, $2.39: Duuh!

Candles are obvious must-haves. They set the mood, and totally do a good job of covering up the winter michelin belly layers you’ve accumulated during the holiday season. Red candles are good for igniting passion and pink for love. Just get one of each to be safe.

botanica san miguel

#3 Rose Perfume, $2: Total aphrodisiac

Rose is one of the most popular scents in perfume. It’s known as an aphrodisiac which is probably why it’s such a big seller ’cause errybody likes to have SEX. Dab a little of the good stuff behind your ears prior to your date, and keep him/her wanting more.

bottanica san miguel

#4 Rose scented bath salts, $4: Take a sexy, relaxing bath

Something to bathe in before your big date. These bath salts will leave you feeling relaxed and ready. The scent will also put you in the mood.

bottanica san miguel

#5 Love Incense, $2: Ritual of seduction

A man shopping at the Botanica told me of a great ritual to do with these guys. First, take a shower. Then burn one of these incense in each corner of the room; make sure all the windows are closed, and finally put black, white and red flowers in the middle of the room. Wait for your lover to arrive and the it is DONE. Sounds easy enough to me! (I’ll let you all know how it goes.)

The incense I bought. Excited to use these puppies!

#6 And when all else fails, this love potion, $4

It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s easy, and you’re lazy. Results not guaranteed.

botanica san miguel