All photos by Dallas Athent for Bushwick Daily

You may have recently passed by Deborah Brown’s old Storefront and noticed a new business has filled the space. Inside, graphic tee’s and sweatshirts hang perfectly spaced along the wall. Vivid art is hung with red dots showing they’ve been purchased. In illuminated glass cases, figurines stand upright and poised.

The store is called Scumbags & Superstars. The brand was launched by George Rosa in 2011. Rosa went to school in Boston for fine art, but was fed up with the politics and bureaucracy in the creative world. He was inspired by street-wear companies, and had the idea to start his own. What would set him apart would be making the line very graphic-based , rather than logo based, and using his own art.

Scumbags & Superstars first sold their tee’s and products through Mishka, a street-wear company who has stores in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Tokyo. From there, Rosa opened his own store here in Bushwick, with the help of Nelson Alfonzo and Srijan Sherpa, whom he met at Mishka. They’re now a trio, who do whatever it takes to keep the brand excelling.

The team got hard to work, and re-modeled the shop on their own. In the past month, they’ve had all kinds of customers. Rosa says, “People just see the shop and walk in. We didn’t really announce our opening and there’s not a whole lot of foot traffic over here, but people still notice.” Every month, they’ll be showcasing new art, and they’ll constantly be expanding their selection and changing their line. Although new, there’s a lot to look forward to.

George Rosa, the owner of Scumbags & Superstars

Collectible figurines and toys are a big part of what makes the store unique.

The art hanging in the shop belongs to Chip7, a known graffiti artist who recently collaborated with Carnage for the 7th issue of Mahem Zine. The issue had its release party at Scumbags & Superstars. A lot of Chip7’s work has sold, but it’s still hanging in the store for the remainder of the month.

Nelson hangs some of the Freddy merch they have in the store.

The Scumbags & Superstars logo, designed by Rosa.

T-shirts currently sell for $32 in the store, and sweatshirts are $60.

Snapbacks go for $35.

Srijan rocking Scumbags & Superstars Freddy tee.

A close up of Chip7’s work.

Rosa tells us that stickers are especially popular with the younger people who come in the store. “Whenever I was younger and would go into a cool store, I would always want to leave with something. Our stickers are good for that.”

Scumbags & Superstars is located on 16 Wilson Avenue. Drop by and check it out!