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Bushwick resident’s have the most stylish parents. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @beadspa

Style doesn’t always have to be about, ahem, clothes. Jewelry counts too! Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @datoquica

Infinity scarves are totes apropos. via @dr3w_b

DYI Manis. Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE via @emilyarupp

Another from @cloganstudios submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE. He’s such a great fashion-photographer!

Oh. My. God. via @friendsvintage

This stylish photo is of @tobykdontplay. According to Toby’s instagram, she’s “THAT ONE BITCH THAT YOU KNOW,” and I can see why!  via @itspronouncedlahrah

Now! First up for our stylish Bushwick People wearing hats. Can someone tell me where I can get a septum ring that size? via @wormcarnevale

I also learned from this weeks #Bushwick hashtag that ya’ll like mimicking our murals. Maybe because they’re so AWESOME. via @sondergaard

No… you really like mimicking them tho. via @shaiiishaiii

See! Even the puppehs like a good fitted. via @theshiblingz

Fellas–take notes. Sometimes, to look right all you need is a fresh haircut and some good-looking glasses. via @gunner_wil718

Hoodwick is the Goodwick. via @kavitakaul

In the famous words of Ms. Badu: You gotta testify, cause you know the booty don’t lie! via @bel138

Any puppy is a good puppy, but any dog that reps the greatest team of all time is a great dog… whatever that means. via @860thegeneral