What a muse. Photo via instagram.com/femmemade

So as you may know by now, each week I peruse the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and post the best of what you were wearing around the hood. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @chixonthehud, or better yet hashtag your photo #BUSHWICKSTYLE. Seriously you guys–Witchoria and KevinPelrine are killing it on #BUSHWICKSTYLE and ya’ll need to catch up so I can fall in love with you too and talk about how much I want to look like// dress like// be you.

Moving on… New York Fashion Week starts on tomorrow! This means we have to show Lincoln Center what’s really good (in the hood) and that true can be found on the streets, not on the runway. (Don’t worry Bill Cunningham, you’re invited). This means that this post will be a doozy, because sometimes (meaning all the time), you have to show off and you guys really showed up on Instagram this week with style.

@styletravels with some fly glasses.

@famousonmars submitted to the #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag and is now famous in Bushwick AS WELL AS MARS for looking good in an ombre. Get on it people.

Not gonna lie–this is actually the perfect chic snow-ball fight outfit. You’ll blend right in and thank @or_acle for it later.

A flat-brim hat reading BROOKLYN and shades= style success. via @davidgotye

@okaytwitchymusic knows how to color-coordinate his earth tones without getting too mono-chromatic. Also those shoes.

My Instagram girl-crush @witchoria killing it again on the #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag. SRSLY where are you people??? DON’T YOU WANT TO BE FAMOUS???

What a coincidence! I’m allergic to BS. And also gluten, but I think that’s just a lie my Doctor told me to try and stay in touch with current medical trends or whatever. via @cloganstudios

The ring to rule them all. via @wormcarnevale

I have to ask, is that lipstick shade Shameless Kissable Balm Stain? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find. via @metagasm

Fellas: take a lesson. This man knows how to wear a coat. via @jean_paul_dickinson

Not sure I know the full scope of what’s going on here but I know it’s necessary. #circusofdreams & #bizarrebar is where #idrinkfinewine. via @golddove07

That sweatshirt!! I’m always so envious of people who can wear comfortable clothes and still look so stylish. I don’t even look that good when I put effort in. via @nenjahnycist

Bushwick Daily’s very own @yazzros showing up on the #Bushwick hashtag like a boss.

Seriously?? I don’t even have the means or mind to put an orange wig and boom box necklace together. This is one of my favs this week. via @shawnengler

A little #NSFW submitted to the #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag this week. We take walks on the wild side in the name of NYFW, or maybe in the name of nothing at all because why not?? via @sherry_aliberti

The last, but definitely not the least and maybe even my favorite. I love the dark lipstick, gold chain shoulder strap, and titanic butterfly earrings. via @imroyaltie