photo via @witchoria, submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE hashtag.

NEVER GO TO BED (STUY) leg tattoo. photo via @


, submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE.Seriously, you Bushwick people know what’s up when it comes to looking good. To celebrate this, each week we’ll be perusing the #Bushwick hashtag on Instagram, and posting the best of what you were wearing. If you want your photo to be featured, be sure to tag me @


, or better yet hashtag #BUSHWICKSTYLE. Now let’s take a look at this week’s lookbook harvest, shall we?

Submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE from @kevinpelrine. Definitely the most visceral outfit this week.

Perfect lips, nails and hair. @k_fee_ doing it right.

This whole outfit, pose and background is a win. via @prince02charmin

Dudes seriously don’t even know what goes on underneath a girl’s clothes sometimes. via @ayejames

…Or do they? via @acgnyc, submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE

Loved everything about these two. That white streak is my hair’s dream. Suit is fly. via @buttercupelo

Tattoos. Eyeliner. Blue mesh. Done. via @cobraclubbk submitted to #BUSHWICKSTYLE

GOLD had me SOLD. via @kustmkickz

Ordering a sandwich with electric purple hair and a fur coat? #thatssobushwick. via @meandmyhotfriends1