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Welcome to Knickerbocker Ave – a Bushwick staple for mass quantities of toilet paper and late night Red Bulls from various bodegas!!! Did you know that Knickerbocker has practical and fashionable finds that won’t damage your wallet? Aside from the designer stores, proximity to Central Park and Trump Towers, it’s basically the 5th Ave of Bushwick. (Bogart obviously being Madison). Check out the top 10 finds under $10, and feel free to add your favorite Knickerbocker find in the comments section.

#1 Art supplies

How much: $1.99+ up

Where: Better Than Jam, 123 Knickerbocker Ave

Even with the Knickerbocker station now open, the M train is trifling. You may not be able to make it to Pearl Paint to do a mass shop this weekend. Instead, check out Better Than Jam to see if they have what you’re looking for. BTJ is well stocked with a myriad of art and craft supplies already, but can also order things for you in advance for convenience or if Chinatown’s just not your scene.

All photos by Cat Agonis.

#2 Chocolate muffins

How much: $1.50

Where: Gaby’s Bakery, 238 Knickerbocker Ave

If you ever need to lure people to some book reading, performance art piece or otherwise difficult event to lure people to, you’ll likely want to give them free food. Gaby’s Bakery is a cheap and neighborhoodly way to provide some grub. They have a myriad of baked goods all for less than $1. But my FAVORITE thing to snack on from them is their chocolate muffin, which is a whopping $1.50. Believe me when I tell you it’s way worth the extra 50 cents of sweetness.

#3 Unlimited international calling

How much: $10

Where: MetroPCS, 244 Knickerbocker Ave

If you already jumped the iPhone ship since that ish is way too expensive, you may have a Droid through MetroPCS. For only 10 extra monthly bones you could get unlimited international calls. This means you can sext the hottie tourist that was staying at the New York Loft Hostel once they return to their motherland from a backpacking sabbatical.

#4 Manicure

How Much: $7

Where: Good Service Nail Salon, 259 Knickerbocker Ave

Ladies, treat yo self!! Hot date? Indie album release party? BOWIEBALL??? Get those nails did for a mere $7, and a lil’ hand TLC to go with it. If you’re feeling extra flippant, make it an OPI gel for just $18 and watch that color last.

#5 Pet goldfish

How much: $5

Where: 99 Cents And Up, Knickerbocker Ave and Suydam

Your place may be too small to discretely place a stinky litter box without it ruining your sex life. Or you may want to adopt a dog, but can’t coordinate a walking schedule with your unreliable counterpart. Don’t have a pet crisis. Get a goldfish! For $5 you will be provided with a plastic container, neon rocks, palm tree and fishes. Just be prepared for a toilet burial a few days later.

#6 Makeshift knockoff drinking games

How much: $3

Where: Deal$, 318 Knickerbocker Ave

What would L train drinking life be without Jenga? It probably wouldn’t be that different, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little fun in your life! Deal$ has many knockoff games reminiscent of childhood times such as Jumble (a.k.a. Jenga) and Who’s Left? (a.k.a. Guess Who?) to aid your party. Buy a bunch and make a 90’s throwback night of it.

#7 Leggings, jeggings and harem pants, oh my!

How much: $4.99

Where: Ersoy Fashion, 322 Knickerbocker Ave

When you’re hungover, and all you want is to wear sweatpants but you should really just be wearing jeans to brunch, you immediately reach for the jegging. AMIRITE? And what better way to get a pair than for only $4.99 right next to your home. Also check out regular leggings at this price to pair with your bodycon dresses. Or if you’re feeling daring LEOPARD HAREM PANTS.

#8 Oops paint

How much: $2+

Where: Ace Hardware, 347 Knickerbocker Ave

If you want a colorful accent wall, be sure to scope the oops paint section at Ace Hardware. For small cans, you can get something as cray cray cheap as $2. Bigger cans will obvi cost you more, but think about the advantages of covering up that horrific mural on your bedroom wall that some Johnny painted while stoned before you moved in.

#9 iPod Speakers

How much: $9.99

Where: Top Tech Electronics, 383 Knickerbocker Ave

Is your roommate having sex so loud that you’d like to drown out because it’s really gross? Are they watching episodes of Entourage, and laughing at an obnoxious volume as you try to sleep? Don’t blow the bank on Bose. Check out these budget speakers for your iPod or iPhone. We can’t give you a warranty on these puppies, but hopefully they’ll at least get you through the night.

#10 Scent pouches

How much: $1.29

Where: Shoppers World, 399 Knickerbocker Ave

Admit it. Dishes haven’t been done in a week. Your cat’s litterbox will just never be pleasant and, oh yeah, you also have a hot date you plan on bringing over tonight and you haven’t done laundry in two weeks. What better way to mask all those odors than getting a REALLY potent scent pouch? It may give a throwback to your grandma’s perfume, but it’s better than letting the truth reach the nostrils of your current squeeze.


#11 Pssst dry shampoo

How much: $5.99

Where: Galaxy Beauty Supply, 250 Knickerbocker Ave

Get the “I washed my hair today!” look without the effort. Pssst dry shampoo can be your BFF 4 life when you sleep through your alarm and are in a rush to work. Friendly for long-haired boys and girls alike.

#12 Cotton Candy

How much: $1

Where: Anywhere this awesome truck is parked

There’s nothing really to report here. All I’m gonna say is that if you see this dude spinning cotton candy from this pink Bugs Bunny truck, you should buy some because obviously.

#13 Animal Print Sheets

How much: $9.99

Where: House of Linens, 391 Knickerbocker Ave

Spruce up your bachelor pad and show your OkCupid date a good time with some classic animal print sheets. And you Lisa Frank lovers can even get them in neon green or orange when they’re in stock. For this price, buy a few sets and keep the freshness.