Photos by Dallas Athent and

Scarlett North-Cavanaugh

There was almost too much going on in Brooklyn this Saturday, so in case you missed the annual Mermaid Parade, we flicked some shots! Ish was fantastic as always, and filled with some awesome characters. Check it out!!

There was lots of body-paint and body-picking.

all photos by Cat Agonis

The Mermaid Parade gave us wings. Actual wings.

Sailors smoked pipes and wore tutus, because obviously.

There was this dog in a backpack. DOG IN A BACKPACK PEOPLE.

Everyone wanted to pet it. Awww.

These lovely ladies went for the classic seashell look.

Can we talk about this epic ship-hat for a second??

Johnny Depp was there. No really, he was. Look at that face.

There was this lovely mer-lady with her pooch. And then multiple lovely ladies in the background with their sunglasses because it was very, very sunny.

Also, the most awesome facial expressions ever.

Then there was this thing that everyone was talking about because look at how amazing it is.

But most importantly, there was this kid in a stroller whose look says it all.

Everybody wanted a pic with/of a mermaid.

Yes, we all LOVE Coney Island.


These sailors were just cute.


OMG, look at those boobs.


In the parade…