Intro by Jenna Aranda, events by Katarina Hybenova

If there’s ever a time to reflect on one’s self esteem, it is Valentine’s Day. I have been through the gamet of Valentine’s Day festivities. A slew of them being in love. A few on the outs with the same love. And a few of a little Aretha Franklin / Eurythmics “Sisters are doing it for themselves” singing with some red wine and tears. 

The past couple of years moving to Bushwick, I have found my inner peace with it. It is not a death sentence, nor a badge of your stability. It is a chance of putting yourself out there. Because in the truest form of high self-esteem and self-love, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”…Can I get an amen?

Do these things by yourself and own it. Because your next ex might be watching.

✩OoOo Baby, I like it raw @ Body Actualized (9PM-2AM)

If there is one place where you don’t need to be in a couple but still feel loved, it is Body Actualized, a yoga studio, event space and occasional orgy hub (yes, you heard me). It seems that for Valentine’s Day they didn’t plan an orgy but there will be a kamasutra kissing booth, intimacy exercises, and DJs and performances. Additionally, look forward to a delish menu (raw cheese cake, truffles, brownies and elixir drinks). Yum and kiss!

✩Lupercalia: Valentine’s Day @ Cobra Club (9PM-4AM)

Cobra Club, a bar and a yoga studio, is totally skipping Valentine’s Day goofiness, and is celebrating Lupercalia instead. “Lupercalia was celebrated from February 13-15th. Wolves, flagellation, and blood sacrifice,” says the invitation. Additionally, there will be DJs, gift bags and drink specials.

✩Power Ballad Karaoke @ Pine Box Rock Shop (10PM-2AM)

Grab that mic, The Kings Of Karaoke will take care of the rest. Sing your heart out and celebrate with friends!

✩Experimental Speed Dating @ Tandem (7:3oPM sign up, 8-10:30PM speed dating)

Only one thing is lamer than dating – speed dating, thinks our fav bar Tandem. So why not trying something completely crazy like Experimental Speed Dating. What the hell? The invitation says: “We will rotate through various pairings of people: Three minutes per pairing (much like conventional speed dating). But, here’s how it’s different: For each 3-minute segment you and your partner will be presented with an instruction that you must follow (for example: talk in a foreign accent or only tell stories about when you were 6-12 years old or close your eyes while you speak, etc). The instructions will change with every rotation. Everyone will have the opportunity to choose their preferred gender of the evening. Also, you don’t even have to be single to attend (although you may end up breaking some hearts).”

✩FUCK LOVE: A Valentines Massacre @ House of Yes (doors 8PM, show 9PM, $15)

If you don’t love anyone, you gotta love House of Yes on Valentine’s Day! They are promising a night of “exquisite entertainment exploring Love, Loss and Lust”, featuring circus performances, aerial acts, burlesque, fire dance, comedic mayhem and more. See you there!


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