Is your heart throbbing, pounding, and making you hot and fuzzy even during a blizzard? Well, you might be in love. Or alternatively, you should see a doctor immediately! Anyhow if the former is your case, these 5 pop up Valentine’s Day markets are exactly for you. Go buy something uniquely awesome for that special someone and support local vendors; all with love!

#1 Kerf Pop Up Shop @ Bushwick Coffee House (until Saturday)

Let me tell you a little secret here…Kerf is selling handmade furniture, which is amazing and pretty affordable. Beautiful pieces of wood, materials found in Bushwick…Nothing says “Let’s move in together” better than a beautiful lamp or a wooden table. Seriously, people, you would pay a fortune for similar furniture in Williamsburg. Kerf doesn’t have a permanent space yet and is new to the neighborhood. Take advantage of this while you can!

#2 Flea Market @ Bat Haus (Saturday, Sunday) – Cancelled 

Bat Haus on Starr St is not only an awesome co-working space but also a flea market on the weekends. Go check them out for lovely jewelry, apparel and art from local vendors. You will love them, we promise. Update: Dang you snow! Bat Haus Market is cancelled!

#3 Vegan Valentines Shop Up! with Bunna Cafe @ Pine Box Rock Shop

God! How much we love Bunna Cafe and their Ethiopian vegan cuisine! After a short winter break they are coming back with some vegan V-Day sweets. Bunna is not the only vendor this Saturday at Pine Box Rock Shop. Go eat all the yumminess you can from Meow Meow Tweet, Gone Pie, Fresh Till Death, Pure Luck Tea Bar, Heirloom Eatery, Vegan O Brien, Chickpea + Olive, Chai Mookie, Sweet, Super Foxy Sweets and more!

#4 Mothership NYC @ The Spectrum (Friday, 4PM-12AM & Saturday 1-7PM)

When talking about love, we have to talk about Radical Queer Space, The Spectrum off Montrose L. In collaboration with Klub Kid Vintage, The Spectrum is organizing a pop up market featuring fun fashion, accessories and yummy eats! Don’t miss this chance to get something sexy for your darling and yourself as well!

#5 Greenpointers Valentine’s Market @ From the Source (Saturday, 12-6PM)

Have you strolled through all of the Bushwick markets, still haven’t had enough? Then make a trip to Greenpoint – you will be glad you did! Our friends at Greenpointers are organizing a market featuring over 20 awesome local vendors and a bunch of really cute things, from apparel to accessories.

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