1. Enjoy a deli sandwich while Psychic Boots are rocking it at Living Bread Deli on Friday night. Because, in Bushwick we love concerts in surreal places. Also we love Todd P.


2. Take a hangover rehabilitation walk on Saturday afternoon around Bushwick Five Points. Admire the beautiful street art and if you’re lucky, you might run into Joe Ficalora who curates it.


3. Pop in to Pickthorn on Saturday evening, because a world class hair colorist Chelsey Pikthorn is opening her salon. Also she will have micheladas and Brooklyn Salsa bar and a photobooth. I mean really… She does hair to Abbey Lee Kershaw


4. Go say hi to little Ajax who was born to Marni Kotak in Microscope Gallery a year ago and caused a major media commotion. He’s a big, happy guy who likes cookies!


5. Art at Inter State never disappoints. Go see video selections on Saturday night at their new location on Knickerbocker Ave.


6. Don’t just rave, rave in a spiritual manner with Body Actualized and their absolutely unique parties involving meditation, yoga and DJs.


7. Go see the opening at Sardine on Friday night and get some locally made jewelry too!


8. No, it’s not a demonstration on Wilson Avenue. It’s simply that many people attending an art opening at  Storefront Bushwick on Friday night. Go check out paintings of KK Kozik and animal sculptures of Wendy Klemper.


9. Spend your Sunday afternoon strolling through numerous Bushwick galleries. There is a LOT to see!


10. And the last weekend commandment: Try arepas. Really.

Most of the events were pulled from our awesome calendar where everyone can add their event. Add your event too!