#1 Bushwick Film Festival @ Paper Box 

 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

The heat is on! The 5th year of Bushwick Film Festival officially kicks off tonight at 7pm, and will continue through Saturday and Sunday. The festival is a carefully curated 3-night long celebration of film consisting of short and long features from Bushwick but also from around the world. We cannot but applaud to the organizers who through their DIY endeavors took the event to today’s professional level. Start your weekend with short films and music videos on Friday, and don’t miss Lefty Loosy Righty Tighty (Friday 7:45PM); Problema  (Saturday 6:50PM) and Porno Melodrama (Sunday 5:25PM). Check out their full schedule here. A 3-day pass for the event is $25, and individual days are $10. Bushwick Film Festival is an absolute must-go on your social diary this weekend!


#2 Starr Street Slam @ Bat Haus (Friday, 7-9PM)

Brooklyn Rail editor Theodore Hamm in collaboration with Occupational Art School is hosting STARR STREET SLAM at Bat Haus tonight! The night will begin with a potluck, and will go on with readings by Barbara Browning, Doug Cordell, Corey Eastwood, Paul McLean and Christopher Moylan. Special guests of the night include new media artist Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Wilson Novitzki of DisciplineAriel. The organizers themself write: “Come join us for a fine time, for merriment, for smart and inspirational words, for libations and finger foods, for communal pleasure of all sorts!” What a nice intellectual night this is shaping to be!

#3 Bushwick October Fest (Saturday, 4-11PM)

Yes, it’s October and that means beer; ideally all kinds of nice beer in a nice Bushwick backyard. … and your wish just came true, because this Saturday Bushwick Beer Garden is inviting you for some beer fun at 321 Harman Street #1R. Jan-Luc Van Damme and Paul Nicholson (who you know from Botanic gallery) have been working on their backyard for 4 years, and each year has been getting better and better! You can expect games, chants, traditional music, surprises and merriment to follow. Costumes are encouraged and there will also be grill! This is a BYO German Brew private event. Lovely readers of Bushwick Daily are cordially invited…

Happy Friday, everyone!