Do you believe that twins are telepathically connected? You have a chance to find out at The Active Space art show Game On, which opens tonight 7-10pm

Alan and Michael Fleming are twins who have never been separated. That is until 2010-2011 when one of them lived in New York and the other one in Chicago. They missed their joint studio practice and each other’s company, and thus the twins began a true long distance twin brother relationship using post cards, “psychic” games, Polaroids, calendars, and other ephemera. The twins have been playing “rock, paper, scissors” over the phone for months not knowing who won; they have been thinking of the same color, and investigated the alleged psychic connection between twins. Curator Lucy Smith  undertook to dive into these fragments and records of the Fleming Twins communication and created a conceptually unique show, which playfully explores depths of a twin sibling relationship who additionally happen to be both interesting artists.

The Active Space has been on a super-successful run of great art shows (solo show of Deborah Brown in June or the great Salon Show in August) and the expectations are high. However, debuting curator Lucy Smith has no fear, and is delivering another must-see on your Bushwick art list.