By Katarina Hybenova

The end of the summer in Bushwick is bitter sweet. On one hand, it’s hard to say good bye to all the summer pleasures; on the other hand, there is SO much to do in fall… The galleries are reopening, the venues are waking up from their summer dream… I suggest we all enjoy every moment of this week in the very summer fashion… Here are our 5 picks this week:

#1 Dreams and Other Places @ Brooklyn Wayfarers (Sunday, 6-9pm)

Recently, I visited Brooklyn Wayfarers, an amazing art studio and a community project of George Ferrandi. Charlotte Evans is one of the tenants there whose work totally made me pay attention. Charlotte is classically trained painter from England, and her landscapes and characters are deeply emotional endeavors that will make your throat go dry. Don’t miss the opening of her solo show this Sunday. ***GUYS, we apologize, we got a little bit too excited prematurely. Brooklyn Wayfarers opening isn’t until next week. However, you can visit them and check out their current show Calle Sap, Straddle and Joy, curated by Lena Takamori (gallery hours are 12-6pm).

#2 Bunna Cafe Presents: Dinner at Alaska (Sunday, 5pm)

Have you, guys, heard of traveling Ethiopian restaurant?  Bunna Cafe pops up always in a different (Bushwick) loacation and serves their delicious vegan Ethiopian specialties and drinks. In addition they have DJs and in Alaska, there will be a bear giving hungry visitors a hug. It doesn’t get much better than this…

#3  Outdoor Concert & Supper Party @ Secret Project Robot (Thursday, 7pm)

Let’s eat, drink and dance outdoors while we still can, shall we? Secret Projects Robot prepared a summer evening of sensual delights in their backyard. They will be serving tasty treats of Vashti’s & Co., and you will be listening to the sweet sacral sounds of Alice, Soren, and Delphic Sibyl. Only $8 for all these pleasures is a steal!

#4 Dystopian Daydreams – Dan McBride Art Opening @ Kave Espresso Bar (Saturday, 6-9pm)

Dan McBride is a photographer and a filmmaker whose passion for narratives is distinctive when looking at his photos. He is attempting to tell stories with just one frame. We are excited to see a photography show in Bushwick, as they aren’t so frequent. See you at Kave on Saturday!

#5  Falling Into the Sun with YACHT @ Body Actualized (Friday, 9pm)

Body Actualized have been proving since the beginning of their existence that yoga, rave and meditation are very compatible elements to an event. This Friday they will celebrate the end of our hemisphere’s summer with an evening of heliocentric films, yoga, and experience. The heliocentric films are curated by Claire L. Evans, science writer and one-half of the conceptual pop group YACHT that we looove!!  In addition there will be crystal/reiki healing, guided meditation, DJ sets, and projection mapping and interactive installations. Tickets for this spiritually entertaining night are $10 in the presale and $20 at the door.