By Katarina Hybenova

Lazy, lazy are the dog days of summer. All an average Bushwick person wants to do is to ride a bike through the sprinklers. In Bushwick, we report less events than on very productive weeks but this week’s events are truly awesome, which in the end is an equation we like. Here is what you should not miss!

#1 Soundtrack to a Car on Fire (Thursday, 8PM @ Brooklyn Fire Proof)

Here at Bushwick Daily, we are really proud because we are helping to put up some really weird experimental electronic bands. It started with Paradise Club, a band of Eric Trosko and Kiowa Hammons, who just recently released their debut album titled Sountrack to a Car on Fire (note: we love the name among other things). So we were like, hey why don’t we do a release party, and Paradise Club were like hey, why don’t we invite more bands. This Thursday, at 8pm the madness starts at Brooklyn Fire Proof. The admission is free (sweet), and additionally you will see Water Brain, Rarefaction, H.Home Wells, Fall of Another Year. This entire electronic craziness will be accompanied by trippy video projection by visual artist Lars Rasmussen. See ya all there on Thursday!


#2 Fireside Follies (Friday, 7PM @ Brooklyn Fire Proof)

Another great event to be held at Brooklyn Fire Proof this week is (most likely) the greatest Bushwick reading series curated by Mike Lala and Eric Nelson, Fireside Follies! Fireside Follies has had a great summer run, and this Friday will be hitting its finale, so don’t miss it. You can look forward to awesome readers Robert Tumas, Chiwan Choi (Abductions), Kendra Grant Malone (Everything is Quiet) and Dan Magers (Partyknife).


#3 BK Farm and Flea Market (Saturday, 12-10PM @ The Loom)

Music in the courtyard, films in Bushwick Community Darkroom and, above all, 25 vendors and 13 shops to provide you with fresh produce and flea items 🙂 The event is organized by Bunna Cafe, Bushwick vegan pop up Ethiopian restaurant (yum)!


#4 Gabriel Hurier: Drift (Wednesday, 6-9PM @ Sardine)

Sardine is one of the most lovable shops/galleries in Bushwick. Run by Lacey Fekishazy, Sardine carries a bunch of super cute jewelry and other accessories made by Brooklyn artists.  Additionally, we love their gallery! This Wednesday, Sardine will open a solo show of Gabriel Hurier titled Drift. Swing by and say hi to this friendly folk.


#5 Presentation Party Night 2nd Anniversary Blow Out (Sunday, 8:30PM @ The Loom)

Presentation Party Night is one of the nicest events we have in Bushwick. The evening consists of 6 short presentations and Q&A on any topic followed by free beer and food while it lasts. This time the presenters will talk about Aesthetics, L Train History (we wanna know!!), Cider (hmmm), Self-Confidence (needed), History of Riddles, PPN Past, Present, and Future! The best news is that PPN is celebrating 2 years this month! Congratulations and happy birthday to everybody involved, and keep up the good work!!