By Katarina Hybenova

Welcome, dear August. You emerged at our doors requesting a cup of warm beverage because “It’s raining cats and dogs out there.” Oh well, there there, August. Here is a coffee, but beware, it’s little bit bitter, as something’s telling me that summer is going down the hill from your arrival…. Despite or maybe because of that we have some awesome art shows going on in the neighborhood this week. From experimental video to recycled sculpture and roof festivities, here is what we recommend:


#1 “in the open” @ Kesting/Ray Bushwick (Thursday 7-9pm)

The “little hangar”- how Ben Sutton called the Bushwick outpost of SoHo-based Kesting/Ray on Boerum Street, is hosting its second art show. Kesting/Ray is promising an exceptional group show featuring  four MFA graduates from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Mark Farris, Hannah Holshouser, Paul Howe, Gabriel Serpa, and Harry Swartz-Turfle.


#2 Acid Reflux: Season 4 Review @ Brooklyn Wayfarers (Thursday, 7-10pm)

On Thursday night you have a unique chance to see the entire Season 4, that is 11 episodes of Acid Rain. Acid Rain is a cable access/web show of Jerstin Crosby who on a monthly basis (co)curates innovative video and film works by emerging artists. According to Jerstin, Season 4 in particular was acutely dark, brooding just below the surface, in ways that were often surprising, ambitious, and humorous. Let’s see it!


#3 Grounded @ AIRPLANE (Saturday, 6-10pm)

AIRPLANE, a friendly gallery run out of a basement on Jefferson Street is opening a lovely summer art show this Saturday. Curated by excellent Rico Gatson, Grounded, is both indoor and outdoor sculpture group show.  Found, recycled and other ‘humble’ material is the medium, and we are excited to see some 3D Bushwick works.


#4 Summer Babe @ Heavy Refuge (Saturday, 6-11pm)

Do my eyes see a proper Bushwick apartment art happening? It seems so. Furthermore, Summer Babe sounds so summerly, it makes me want to run in the ocean, and send August on a break…. At Heavy Refuge, or 77 Irving Ave. #1R, you will see a big group art show (featuring among others excellent Dave Bates, Iris Jaffe, Lindsay Dye, Brent Owens, Adam Parker-Smith, or William Powhida), and you will hear Savage Severe playing records. At 9pm Joseph Bradshaw and Jamie Townsend will read. And here is a big surprise! Frankie Rose, recently hyper-popular amazing musician will perform at 10pm.