Top 5 Events before Pigeon Flight Parade

Have you noticed that Bushwick has been suspiciously silent lately? That’s because the neighborhood is bracing itself for the biggest event of the year. Yes, Bushwick is gearing up for the annual

Pigeon Flight Parade

on the first weekend on June! The pigeon keepers from all over Bushwick will meet at Maria Hernandez Park, with their pigeon flocks on a leash early morning on June 1. They will release their pigeons from the leash with an uneasy task: to fly around the planet Earth and bring back artifacts from every continent. The first flock to return wins the eternal glory!*

However, despite the glorious Pigeon Flight Parade being in preparation, some brave Bushwickians set themselves to organize awesome events for us even this week. Here is 5 coolest ones!

#1 Charting the Not @ Centotto (Friday, 7-10pm)

With all the DIY charm that belongs to an apartment gallery, luckily still not forgotten in Bushwick, Centotto’s founder Paul D’Agostino will open the doors to his home, gallery and heart in a friendly manner, nonchalantly presenting his curatorial mastery. Charting the Nod will feature 4 brilliant artists: Austin Thomas, Meg Lipke, Josh Willis and Gili Levy, and will remain open also for the subsequent weekend of Pigeon Flight Parade.

#2 R O O F T O P / / M E M O R I A L D A Y Z @ a Bushwick roof (Saturday, 2-10pm)

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and the weather looks promising! David Teller of BirdDog who is getting ready to open his very own music venue off Mogan L stop, is throwing an amazing rooftop party with bands (Not Blood, Paint; Monogold, and more), booze and kiddie pools. Sounds terrific? It will sound even better when we tell you it’s free!

#3 Outdoor Yard Party @ Secret Project Robot (Saturday, 3-8pm)

Secret Project Robot is one of the coolest venues in Bushwick, and we love it’s quirkiness and DIYness. On Saturday they are inviting you to their outdoor yard party with bands (Call of the Wild; Animals; Black Dice), BBQ and watermelon drinks.

#4 Exquisite Fucking Boredom @ Microscope Gallery (Thursday, 6-9pm)

Microscope similarly like Centotto belongs to the good kids who are ready for Pigeon Fly Parade already one week before and are inviting you to escape the madness and simply enjoy their opening. The exhibition will feature Polaroids by Emma Bee Bernstein (curated by Phong Bui). And we simply want to see them!

#5 Concerts @ Shea Stadium (Friday, 8pm-2am)

Shea Stadium is organizing many concerts, which is making the entire Bushwick very happy. On Friday they will present something exceptionally good. Amen Dunes, Gary War, Highlife and Woodman will play to make you jump and tune in to the Memorial Weekend atmosphere.  $8 will get you in!






*It’s a total lie 😉 Bushwick is gearing up for Bushwick Open Studios!!

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