Top 5 awesome events in Bushwick

Despite the art apocalypse that Bushwick has been through this last weekend, we are not taking a week off! Bushwick lives of its amazing events, and this week brings AGAIN some awesome music, art and literature. Here is what you shouldn’t miss.

#1 ZETI and Dunedin Dunedin @ Storefront Bushwick (Monday, 7PM)

Tonight, Storefront Bushwick, a space small in size, but large in creativity, will bring a musical performance by ZETI and Dunedin Dunedin. Storefront Bushwick’s website promises music is ethereal and haunting, bringing a fantastically different, textural sound to what is decidedly not what you would expect to hear coming out of an accordion. This sounds like a meditative and refreshing evening. Exactly, what Bushwick needs tonight….

#2 Souvernir @ Camel Art Space (Friday, 6-10PM & weekend 1-6PM)

Earlier we informed you that Camel Art Space is wrapping up up at Metropolitan Ave, and will be moving to 1717 Troutman building on Bushwick/Ridgewood border. We couldn’t be happier to have them closer, but before that let’s all think about the amazing Camel Art Space and all the awesome artists who have shown their work there. Come check out Souvernir, the final, weekend only, art show at Camel.

 #3 Ghost Face @ Bobby Redd Project Space (Saturday, 6-11PM)

After much anticipation, the art show in a church is finally happening this Friday. An old Victorian-Gothic Landmark church at 626 Bushwick Ave will reopen this week. The art show will feature some of our favorite Bushwick-based artists such as Don Pablo Pedro, Andrew Ohanesian and William Powhida. Definitely A MUST GO!

#4 Fireside Follies Benefit for Planned Parenthood @ Brooklyn Fire Proof (Saturday, 7PM)

A popular Bushwick reading series curated by Eric Nelson and Mike Lala returns this weekend to Bushwick with a special benefit night for Planned Parenthood. The event will feature cartoonists Josh Neufeld and Julia Wertz, poet/cartoonist Bianca Stone and animator Marcie Paper. Fireside Follies is always a guarantee of good literary fun, so go and help the good cause!

#5 Noir Night @ Vaudeville Park (Friday, 8PM)

In the mood for a curated night of rare 40’s-60’s Noir TV and 16mm film prints? We knew you’d say: Of course! On Friday, head to Vaudeville Park for film noir and “Dark, Brooding Synth Jazz” from the Villains of Vaudeville. No cover, no doubts about how we will spend our Friday night!


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