Happy Leap Day, Bushwick! As we have this extra day at hand, it would be a shame not to go check out some cool Bushwick events. Preferably, something jumpy and leapy, like a good concert or a celebration, right? Look at our selection of the five coolest events this week!

#1 An Evening w/ Patrick Stickles feat. Alex Drewchin & Clapperclaw @ Shea Stadium (Wednesday, 8pm)

An evening with songs, stories & spiels is promised by Shea Stadium. Patrick Stickles,  Alex Drewchin & Clapperclaw will  bring an Affirmation of Manic Depression in all its Transcendent Glory… Much love and leaps to Shea Stadium!

#2 Silent Barn PUBLIC MEETING @ Gottscheer Beer Hall (Friday, 8pm)

This is probably the best news of the week! The Silent Barn, one of the coolest DIY music venues in New York has been massively robbed in July 2011. The space has lead a successful Kickstarter campaign, and  raised over $40k!! Now the space is holding a public meeting to discuss its future and possibilities of people’s involvement. They are having Twin Sister and Ava Luna to make this meeting as pleasant as possible. Come to Gottscheer Hall, an old-fashioned German beer hall in Ridgewood, and help out!

#3 Bushwick Community Dark Room Birthday @ Pine Box Rock Shop (Saturday, 8pm)

Bushwick Community Dark Room is a local one-room do-it-all space first affordable printing facility loved by all the photographers. They are turning 1 year, and will celebrate this lovely occation at Pine Box Rock Shop! The event is donation-based, because Bushwick Community Dark Room is working on their new space. There will be a photography art show (Meryl Meisler among others!!) and bands performing!

#4 Hume, Sore Eros, Images, Street Gnar @ Big Snow (Thursday, 8pm)

Start your leapy weekend early with concerts of awesome Brooklyn bands at one of our favorite music venues, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. $7 will get you in.

 #5 John Almanza and Dave Hardy @ Regina Rex (Friday, 7pm)

The paintings of John Almanza and the sculptures of Dave Hardy reflect the reckless abandon of progress, with an emphasis on looking at how materials get relegated to the side as other forces push forward. Regina Rex is a great gallery at 1717 Troutman that never disappoints, so head there this Friday for a regular dose of art this week.



Image on the home page:  J.R. Eyerman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

A multiple exposure shot of a gymnast jumping on a trampoline in 1960. via Life