November Shan’t Be Gloomy with Your Bushwick To Do List!

By Katarina Hybenova, Maria Gotay, Jeremy Nguyen, Frances Gill, Emilie Ruscoe, Ashley Mathus and Loren DiBlasi

November doesn’t have to be all gloomy! (photo by Katarina Hybenova)

Oh November, November. The  month of gloominess, longer coats and shorter days is here. Spring seems about as far as a satellite in the sky and summer feels like an event that occurs once in 100 years. We could easily be all down and sad but let us remind you that not only is November the month of independence days in Angola, Poland, Albania and Argentina, it’s also a month of living in Bushwick, which means November will be be full of culture, art, good food and friends. At Bushwick Daily put our heads together and we picked the best things Bushwick to look forward to this month! So sit tight, take a sip of your hot apple cider and let’s go!

#1 Little Skips Art Auction & Fundraiser Party @ Little Skips (FRI Nov 22, 7PM, FREE)

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit by giving back! Everyone’s favorite coffee shop, Little Skips, is hosting a fundraiser with charity 108 Lives Project that makes donations to Mount Summit Orphanage & Soup Kitchen in Nepal as well as Quilts For Kids Nepal. There will be a silent auction for artwork donated by local artists as well as raffle prizes that include gift certificates from local businesses. Dance with guest DJ Gavin Russom (The Crystal Ark/LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records) and snack on goodies prepared by Phil of Momo Sushi Shack and cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.

#2 Take a Cab to CAB (Comic Arts Brooklyn) @ Knitting Factory + Mt. Carmel Church (SUN Nov 9, 11AM-7PM, FREE)

Formerly the Brooklyn Graphics Fest, CAB is the only Brooklyn comics gathering of people in the indie scene. It takes place in two floors of a church in Williamsburg, with lectures held at the legendary Knitting Factory. Huge names including Paul Pope, Jeff Smith, Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, and more!

#3 Vine Film Fest @ Bathaus Co-working Space (SAT Nov 9, 8PM, FREE)

Did the Vine social media phenomenon catch on with you? If it did, you probably already know about this awesome event going down at Bathaus this Saturday. If not, it’s time to indulge in the 6-second long film. This event will showcase the creativity of pretty much anyone with a smart phone. Awards will be given and beverages will be sipped.

#4 Bushwick Food Co-Op November New Member Orientation @ The Loom (TUE Nov 12, 7-9PM)

If you’ve ever tried to cavalierly drop into the Bushwick Food Co-op and spontaneously sign up for membership on the spot, only to be told that you need to go through their orientation process before you can shop at reduced rates and reorganize the bulk food section, then you’re in luck: this coming Tuesday, November 12th, is the next orientation session to initiate co-op n00bs and absorb them into its extremely healthy folds. With not one but two food-oriented holidays (Thanksgiving and Hanukah, mark your calendars people!) just a few weeks away, this is a great time to finally get your membership in order! Find out more about co-op membership requirements here – and see you in the produce section! (PS: We heard from a very reliable source that Food Co-Op will soon be open also on Fridays adding the 5th day of operation…)

Photo courtesy of Bike Stock

#6 Ride or Die, or Refill at a Vending Machine

Bushwickians love to ride their bikes and, being New Yorkers, we all have an affection for efficiency. But what happens when your trusty two-wheeled friend decides to break down? Fear not, Bike Stock has officially landed in Bushwick and Pinebox Rock Shop is celebrating its launch. On Saturday, November 23rd, join the Bike Stock crew with a brew in the back room of Pinebox and catch a free dance show performed by Public Domain (you’ll never look at a headlight the same). And don’t forget to check out Bike Stock’s recently installed bike supply vending machine right in front of Brooklyn Natural, which also supplies free tire air!

#7 Free Women’s Self-Defense Class @ McKibbin Lofts (SAT Nov 9, 11:30AM)

Traditional Okinawan Karate based at McKibbin Lofts basement is offering a free self-defence class to female, trans- and gender-nonconforming individuals. The workshop will consist of realistic and practical self-defense techniques, and will include “advice on how to avoid physical altercations in the first place.” They will also teach effective ways to get out of these situations if push comes to shove (literally). Thank you, Traditional Okinawan Karate! These skills surely come handy in Bushwick.

Scary Ben & Darlinda Just Darlinda (photo by courtesy of Bushwick Burlesque)

#8 Bushwick Burlesque: A Spectacle of Absurdity Vol. 2 @ Bizarre (TUE Nov 19, 8PM, $7 donation)

Darlinda Just Darlinda & Scary Ben, Bushwick’s famous Burlesque couple, are celebrating November 20th, National Absurdity Day. Join them for a proper Bushwick shameless and crazy  night of performances, featuring Poison Ivory, Bunny Buxom, Cherry Delight, Brewster, Legs Malone, BooBoo Darling and Jo Boobs.

#9 Brooklyn RAWards Semi-Finals Showcase 2013 @ Output (SUN Nov 24, 5-9PM, $15-20)

At the end of every year, RAWards host the biggest indie arts awards show. Over 15,000 artists have participated this year and over the course of 2.5 months they have been competing to win the title of RAW Artist of the Year in their craft category. Go check out the semi-finals over at Output!

Photo by courtesy of El Mio Cid

#10 Solomillo De Cerdo Adobado @ El Mio Cid ($8)

Solomillo De Cerdo Adobado is pork tenderloin tapas marinated in fresh herbs sauce might just be the perfect fall dish. Enjoy it with friends over at El Mio Cid on Starr Street!

#11 Fresh 10 @ OUTLET Fine Art (THU Nov 7, 5-9PM, FREE)

You’ve probably heard the news. Aliza Kelly Faragher, a half of Outlet Fine Art has moved to Cali (sadface) but Julian Jimarez Howard (the other half) surely won’t be alone in his curatorial endeavours. Actually quite the contrary! He was joined by fantastic curator Jason Andrew of Norte Maar and John Silvis who has fabulous international art contacts. The trio has put together their first joint art show opens tonight and features ten fresh artists: Genesis Belanger, Theresa Daddezio, Matthew Hillock, Cooper Holoweski, Roberto Jamora, Robin Kang, Christopher McDonald, Jimmy Miracle, Andrew Szobody, and Magdalen Wong.

WAH Center (image by courtesy of WAH Center)

#12 WAH Bridges Bushwick @ Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (FRI Nov 8, 6-9PM, FREE)

Brittany Natale is not only a talented Bushwick Daily contributor, your most fave L train update gal, but also an ambitious young curator who fears nothing! How else would she be able curate a show of 60+ of the most talented Bushwick artists to open this Friday at WAH Center? Be there. It’s going to be HUGE!

Taje Tross (image by courtesy of Grace Exhibition Space)

#13 Taje Tross @ Grace Exhibition Space (FRI Nov 8, 7-9PM, FREE)

Taje Tross is an Estonian performance, installation and new media artist. This Friday, his solo show, featuring his artifacts, sculptures and limited-edition prints, opens in Bushwick’s one and only Grace Space.

#14 Ghetto Hors D’oeuvres @ The Bushwick Starr (SAT Nov 16, 8PM, $15)

Modesto Flako Jimenez has already earned cult-status in Bushwick. This part-Bushwick native/part-hipster/part-God has directed a night of poetry, rap, music and booty shaking (and we’re just quoting an invitation here!). The lineup for the night includes MCs, poets, artists, and musicians: Robert Greene, JoAnn DeLuna, Jason Koo, Adriana DiGennaro, Billionz, Joannesta, Jim 730 Bell, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Chrissy Malvasi, Chris Slaughter, Amber West, Slick The Misfit, Prince PremeO, Daniel Broadhurst. The tix are $15 and are worth every penny!

Photo by Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily

#15 Hot Apple Cider with Rum @ The Rookery

The Rookery is slowly becoming our fave new Bushwick bar but you already know about that. Do you also know that they have a delicious hot apple cider with rum? We highly recommend a mug (or two) on a chilly November night!

#16 Shwarma Pop Up @ Fritzl’s Lunch Box (TUE Nov 12, 6-10PM)

Oh la la. The former Momofuku chef Scott Garfinkel is bringing “a bunch of mezze and chicken shawarma to the backyard of Fritzl’s Lunch Box,” says Grubstreet.  Sounds like a foodie must-go to us!

Photo by Matt Chapman for Bushwick Daily.

#17 Hop to Hops and Hocks

For those who enjoy the meatier things in life, the bright minds of The JakeWalk, Smith and Vine, and Stinky Bklyn have brought you Hops and Hocks, a brand-spanking-new ham bar on Morgan Avenue. Get in the Thanksgiving mood by spending an afternoon luxuriating with some ciders and enjoying a sandwich or two or three. We’re most intrigued by the rosemary smoked ham with Vermont butter and sea salt on brioche. And the price (only $7!) won’t leave you aching for holiday money.

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