Escapes: Heptagames in the Catskills

Heptagames this weekend!

Looking to get out of town this weekend? Local music, art and community organization, our beloved Silent Barn is putting on a festival of games, installations, and performances in strange and beautiful places this weekend upstate. What to expect from this crew of creative individuals? “Ziplines and lakes full of floating docks. Hidden tents and candle-lit huts. Smashball in the giant barn. Manhunt in the forest. Searching through the pines for the flags of the world. And a massive bonfire on the hillside”… Plus great live music and food… for starters! Read on for more information.

The weekend will be full of good people, new friends, and delicious food offerings from The Trough!  What you need to know:


On the menu (read more here):

Harvest Gazpacho

Hunan Cold Noodles, wheat and rice, with searing peanut sauce

Pork Loukaniko Sausage (world’s best)

Greek Potato Dill Salad

Yogurt and Sour Cream with Granola, Pennsylvania Peaches and other seasonal Fruit

Pie in the Sky Polar Bear Ice Cream (possibly world’s best)

Live music (read more here):

Lovingly provided by Ashcan OrchestraInvisible Circle and Eartheater, performing in an idyllic natural setting.

Games Include (read more here):

The Recon Game:

A challenging course through the landscape requiring a bit of endurance, a lot of keen observation and concentrated recall of things seen, heard, maybe smelled. But some of the details could be red herrings…

The Flag Game:

Another game demanding pace and concentration set in a spruce plantation utilizing the flags of almost every nation of the world arranged on dozens of strange concrete pads.

The PlazaSphere

McGunnis Systems Supercorp has completed a new orbiting space-mall, The PlazaSphere, and has subcontracted 5 corporations to complete a fully operational WiFi grid ensuring Internet access to future mall patrons.


Sound right up your alley? The crew will leave this Saturday at 9AM from Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave) and will return Sunday at 9PM. Read more and sign up here.

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