Get your Weekend Groove on – Top 10 Parties & Music Shows!

Warehouse Partiest & Shows this weekend! Photo by Maria Gotay.

This weekend is going to be bonkers. There’s stuff going on all over the city, but the best of wild and unique nightlife is usually happening here in our beloved Bushwick- from Berlin-themed Warehouse Party to Goth Night, and from a cello performance to  Jazz show, we’ve got you covered.

10. Jazz Night @ Bizarre (Thursday, 9-midnight, free)

We love Bizarre, the neighborhood’s most eclectic new watering hole. They’re adding another genre to their entertainment roster by hosting a free Jazz night this (and every) Thursday featuring Michael Blake’s jazz and blues band. Sweet.


Colin L.Orchestra. Photo courtesy of the Artist.


9. Colin L Orchestra, Olneyville Sound System, Source of Yellow, Bernard Herman @ Silent Barn

Last weekend the Silent Barn was proud to announce that they have gotten their liquor license with a huge blow out. This Saturday the silent barn strikes again with an amazing show with Colin L. Orchestra, Olneyville Sound System, Russian Tsarlag, Source of Yellow, Bernard Herman.


8. Zebu, The Great Valley, Omnivore & Big French @ Shea Stadium $8

If you’re not into Jazzy Thursdays at Bizarre, Shea Stadium might be your next best bet. Massachusetts’ experimental band Zebu will be headlining this show at Shea Stadium. Members of Blanche Blanche Blanche will be joining them as Big French, The Great Valley, and Omnivore. If you miss the show because you couldn’t decide what to check out today the live recording will be available on


7. MUTUAL DREAMING: James T. Cotton (JTC) / Entro Senestre / Bookworms @ The Parachute Paradiso (35 Beadel St, 9 pm til late, $12)

We’ve always been fans of Mutual Dreaming‘s underground parties, which blend great beats, live projections, installations, and a down crowd. This one takes place at a private location on the border of Bushwick and Greenpoint, and includes a parachute installation and an “Acid Warrior” DJ Set from Ghosttly International artist James T. Cotton. They also promise fog machines and a party til 4 am.


6.  Subverse-NYC presents TRUTH and MESCK, +more @ Paperbox (Saturday, 10 pm, $10)

A whole bunch of epic DJs spinning the best of house, dubstep and trance, including Truth from New Zealand. That’s a far way to come to play a party in Bushwick, but we. are. down.


5. Cathartic Karaoke with gorgeousTaps and Whatever 21 @ Fitness $5

You won’t be physically working out much during this show at the Fittness Gallery, except your vocal chords. Gorgeous Taps and Whatever 21 will be hosting this Karaoke night at the Fitness Gallery.  Live performances by HITASHYA, HANNAH CH’OE, and CRAWL SPACE  all before the karaoke.  Cathartic Karaoke will be opened to the public at 2AM so get your vocal chords ready.


Shade;Berlin Party

4. SHADE:BERLIN at Secret Warehouse Location (Saturday, 12 am, $10)

This is shaping up to be one insane Berlin-themed warehouse party. Expect a euro-rave scene.  Location is secret until you RSVP. Learn more here.

3. Secret Temple (Goth Night) @ Catland (Friday, 9 pm-?, $8)

We don’t know much about this new venue, Catland, which is described as “Bushwick’s new metaphysical boutique and event space,” but we sure are interested. They debut the spot with one of their first parties, Goth Night, which features a variety of performances, from poetry and readings at 9 to a performance hour at 9 and DJs for the rest of the night.  The invite says windowless, make out coffin, and Light Asylum. This party is worth the trek and the $8.

2. Run DMT, Free Time, Spectre Folk, Piano Movers @ Big Snow (Saturday, 8 pm, $7)

One of the cooler shows we’ve seen at Big Snow for some time- RUN DMT are legendary Windish-represented Austin-based dupstep / electronic artists who make some trippy-yet-dancey beats (think dupstep layered atop a spaced out trap beats). It’s gonna be a sweaty one-room rave y’all, complete with dancing on couches and all. We can’t wait.

Napoleon – City Girls from Napoleon on Vimeo.


Legion is a super duper dance club and performance space near the Graham L stop, and if you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing something important. Kill two birds with one stone while checking out a great bar and a great show- featuring breathy Brooklyn rockers Napolean (who apparently recorded their record at The Wreckroom in Bushwick? Please tell us they don’t mean the bar and maybe Adrian Grenier’s studio in California instead?), plus a whole bunch of other promising acts.

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